The dance and music group Rustica was founded in Prague in 1984. The musical part of the ensemble has been working separately under the name of Musica Rustica since 1991.
Musica Rusticais an urban ensemble, whose performance is inspired by folk art. The group's efforts are focused on conserving folk traditions though in their authentic form, members endeavour to discover their own interpretation of folk art and freely adapt folk poetry and musical motives recorded in the collections of folk art and archival sources.
Musica Rustica plays Czech songs and dances from the 16 - 19th centuries, folk songs about love and war, songs and rhytmes related to old anniversary traditions and Christmas carols.
Musica Rustica often performs for both Czech and foreign audiences and has toured Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Denmark and Bulgaria.
Musica Rustica has already recorded its original and non-traditional approach to folk art (and the way of its interpretation) on three CD's and has participated in high degree on two other CD's.

Performances - Christmas 2009

21.12. Tyrsuv dum, Praha - 17:00 a 19:00
24.12. at noon (12 p.m.), under the Charle's Bridge, Na Kampe street. Tradicional Christma's day happening

Musica Rustica wishes You a very marry Christmas and Happy New Year.